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anonfeedback meme

Posted by edoriko on 2013.12.11 at 02:36
my thread here

tell me how I can be better \o/

1. drifting apart like two sheets of ice: angst; pg; 448w
i needed you to run through my veins like disease - ζ
It’s already November when Sehun realizes that his coat isn’t warm enough for the winter.Collapse )

2. like or like like: fluff/angst; pg-13; 718w
do you like or like like me? -
-for jenette
He hears laughter behind him, and then there’s warmth pressing up against his back. The material of their school blazers is a flimsy barrier between them and it does nothing to pad the boney ridge of Jongin’s backCollapse )

3. you know what i am: crack; pg; 450w
Say it.Collapse )

nc-17; 1.4k
sehun won't shut up about the fact that minseok's a virgin

Apparently one should never tell Oh Sehun their secrets.Collapse )

nc-17; 3.2k
you push me to the edge, make it hard to take a breath Δ
-for this prompt
-i.e. jongin has a thing for sehun wearing make-up

and i just can't get enough, you know i want itCollapse )

pg; 1k
shingeki no kyojin!AU
forget the horror here

He likes feeling the life gasping beneath the surface.Collapse )

sekai & xiuhan
pg; 2.1k
-written for this prompt
-warning: cavity inducing levels of fluff

in which Sehun has trouble with three wordsCollapse )

fluff; pg; 2.3k
fill for this prompt
(a longer version of this)

Luhan isn't a fish person himself but the purrs that Minseok lets out between bites are enough to keep him full.Collapse )

goin' places (yeah things are going down)
seyeol; pg; 648w
-biker gang!AU

You HAVE to join my super awesome biker gang.Collapse )

kiss me kill me
luhan/luhan; pg-13; 202w
-time travel!AU

Act 5 Section 8: One must not try to have sex with their counterpart from another world.Collapse )

we are the future
sekai; pg; 533w

HQ has finally assigned you a new partner.Collapse )

wax on wax off
taohun & xiuhan; pg; 408w
-high school!AU; in which Sehun finds a sensei
-hello stereotypical title name

Despite what Luhan might think, Sehun’s interest in Huang Zitao is purely intellectual.Collapse )

zico/sehun; pg; 130w

Hyung, can you teach me to rap?Collapse )

sekai (& bff!xiuhan & bff!krischen)
pg; ~5.3k
-otaku detectives! au

Sehun may not be happy that Jongin's transferred into his police station, but after an otaku calls in a tip about the Pink Shift Killer it's not like he has much time to think about it.Collapse )

sekai & baekchen (girl!Sehun and girl!Baekhyun)
pg; 2.5k
-based on this prompt

Jongin flicks the ash from the end of his cigarette just as a night breeze flits by. The air has a hint of the ocean in it, and it's definitely a change from the smell of TV dinners that clung to his old house.Collapse )

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