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Welcome/ Masterlist!

Posted [sticky post] by edoriko on 2013.01.15 at 19:03

Welcome to our community of dumb exo fanfiction!

And here is the masterlist:

by tags

by authorCollapse )

letters to space
pg; 5.7k
Chanyeol's a space obsessed music major helping out with a radio show called Letters to Space. And he kind of sort of wants to be very best friends with the person who writes letters into the show each week.
-originally written for kimchispaghetti and posted here

( For all he knew D.O. could stand for Demon Overlord or the Dark Order (of Space Enthusiasts-- because hey, why can't space nerds have cults too?) and he still wouldn't be any closer to figuring out what their name was. )

how to catch a thief (and decide if you want to keep him)
pg-13; 11k
Inspector Kim Minseok has to balance his search for the jewel thief KAI with the stresses of taking care of four lazy subordinates and his relationship with a dancer named Kim Jongin.
-originally written for tiny_hyung and posted here

( She doesn't notice the name printed on the back; three letters in careful uppercase spelling K A I. )

who knows
pg; 1.2k
-future/nonAU fic
We could invent who we are. Yeah, who knows. [x]

( Long time no see. )

A/N: just something I wrote bc I was sad about Luhan leaving and thinking about it this way made me feel better. =__=

who am I?
kaichen + chansoo
pg-13; 6.8k
Jongin likes living out other lives and characters, but what about his own life?
-originally written for sncj_reversebb and posted here

( Today he's a soccer player taking a break from FIFA due to a tendon injury. Today he's a scuba diver examining coral growth off the coast of Australia. Today he's… )

43,829 minutes to forever
xiukai + xiuhun + slight!suho/chen
pg-13; 10k
[warning]broken pairing
Jongin's a photographer in Tokyo who just wants to know how long eternity is. Minseok is the answer.
-originally written for sncj_reversebb and posted here

( Jongin can't think so far ahead. He has to break down hours into minutes and seconds. Maybe eternity can't be measured, but a week is 168 hours and a day is 86,400 seconds. )

back to you
pg; 5.2k
Luhan expects to find adventures in the forest outside his aunt and uncle's house. He finds Minseok; girl!minseok
-originally written for sncj_reversebb and posted here

( Her hair is a vivid pink and she's glaring at Luhan. )

new community!

Posted by edoriko on 2014.07.14 at 01:22
Mei and I decided that we'd rather stick to livejournal, so we're going to use this as our new community instead. Sorry for the confusion! ;;

So, from now on all of my fics will be posted: [here]

I'll still update this community with links to my new fics (if I'm not being lazy), but I'm no longer going to be posting fics here.

say my name
xiuhan + slight sekai
pg-13; 7.3k
it might be hard to be the leader of a girl gang, but minseok thinks it's even harder to avoid the advances of the new transfer student; girl gang!AU
-originally written for chanyul and posted here

( "Kris said you have a gang? I want in." )

a deluge in slow-motion
pg; 10.7k
life in the country trickles by and with Jongin comes the flood.
-originally written for maknaerulez and posted here

( Sehun wonders if it's because he's a performer that he's able to keep a smile on his face, despite the way his leg hangs between each of his steps. )



Posted by edoriko on 2013.12.30 at 23:45
sekai & slight!hunhan
pg; 9.4k
Sehun acquires a dreamcatcher. Instead of catching dreams, it catches the attention of a dreamwalker.
-originally written for ardenesce and posted here

My name is Kai. And I need your help.Collapse )

seyeol & xiuhan
pg-13; 8.1k
Young office worker Sehun has the ability of read the mind of anyone who's attracted to him, which is basically anyone he meets. However, when a new guy shows up at his section, Sehun is surprised to find him completely blank.
-originally written for yakiseop and posted here

'He didn't even check out my butt when I dropped my pen accidentally-on-purpose. I'm pretty sure that means he's a robot.'Collapse )


xmas drabbles i

Posted by edoriko on 2013.12.28 at 12:40
1. first snow
angst; pg; 977w
-for mehrainbow

Mornings used to be cold bare feet against their calves.Collapse )

2. let love in
angst, pg-13; 540w
-for Melissa (letoutthewolf)

Chanyeol's not dumb. He knows why Sehun is really here.Collapse )

3. the best laid plans often go awry
fluff, pg; 776w
-for Samantha (doeseungeyes)

Tao just wants to propose in a way that'll be romantic.Collapse )

4. sweaters and kisses
fluff; pg; 694w
-for Mana (taokai)

Think I can pass as a Christmas zombie?Collapse )

5. you can bet on it
fluff; pg; 575w
-for Ray (floridblush)

You're dating Oh Sehun?Collapse )

A/N: sorry these are late! ;; This is the first part, I'll be releasing them in sets of 5 or so.... so there will be about 4 sets. =u=


xmas drabbles announcement

Posted by edoriko on 2013.12.23 at 13:47
well xmas drabbles will not actually be released on christmas... for many reasons, but the main one being that I've been sick and have no energy to write ;;

so I'll try to have them done by new year's instead =w= sorry for the delay, I'll get them out as soon as possible!

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